Congratulations Scholarship Winners!

The Alsip Chamber of Commerce & The Alsip Industrial Association are pleased to announce the 2012 scholarship recipients from the Alsip Scholarship Program.  These funds are available to students thru donations and sponsorship, from the Alsip Business community.  These donors believe the future education of Alsip’s workforce is important.  This year’s $ 5,000 in funding this program brings the total funding to over $155,000, over the past 19 years. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please contact either The Alsip Chamber of Commerce, [email protected], or The Alsip Industrial Association   [email protected].

Following are the 2012 winners.


Maheen Ahmed                   $1,000.00       University of Illinois       Accounting

Ambar Barajas                      $1,000.00       Everest College               Medical Assistant

Ahrianna Mitchell-Sodipe    $1,000.00     University of Illinois        BioChemistry

William Patterson III              $1,000.00      Wisconsin College          Biology/Pre Med

Autum Regan-Steinberg       $1,000.00      St/ Xavier University      Psychology

These students will be recognized at the Alsip Village Board Meeting on Monday July 9th 7:30 PM, 4500 West 123rd Street

Thanks to Industrial Welder Rebuilders of Alsip, for their corporate sponsorship at our golf outing fundraiser in May, they were left off the list of contributors last month.