Looking to bid local work?

The Village of Alsip posts Village bid work on their web site.  If you would like to bid local work click  http://villageofalsip.org/wp/bid-for-projects/
 We are excited that this new addition to the Village web site gives Alsip contractors, and any who visit either website, the opportunity to know about and bid on local work when appropriate. This follows our work with the Village and The Alsip Industrial Association in establishing a Local Vendor Preference Ordinance in 2012 to give local vendors preference in bidding when appropriate. “Stimulating our own local economy with local contractors doing local work, is an ongoing goal of the Chamber. Let’s keep those jobs in Alsip whenever possible.”, said Mary Schmidt, Chamber Director. When you hire contractors outside of Alsip, they support the city, park district, library &  schools in the town where they are located….not Alsip!!
Links to other local work:
Alsip Park District
Moraine Valley Community College
Community High School District #218
Under the tab Business Office on their home page, or click this link  
We will be adding more links to bid opportunities as we get them from our other local taxing districts.
Thanks to the Village of Alsip, Community High School District #218, & Moraine Valley Community College who have shown their commitment to their taxpayers by posting opportunities to bid on their websites.