Alsip has a diverse economic base of business and industry. Alsip is home to more than 850 companies, ranging from family-owned businesses to national and international companies. Major employers in Alsip include Coca Cola Co., Crown Cork & Seal, Landis-Berry Plastics, Greif Containers, Anixter Inc., Griffith Labs, SCA Tissue/North America, Union Carbide and Prestone Products.
The Village has a long history of being a pro-business community. The city officials recognize the importance on a strong business community. Alsip’s location, area workforce, availability of water and other utilities, combined with this pro-business attitude have attracted a large commercial and industrial tax base. This base provides real estate taxes for top-notch educational, recreational and municipal services to Alsip residents and businesses. Both enjoy lower tax rates than many of their neighbors in Worth Township and Cook County.
The Alsip Chamber of Commerce works with the Village of Alsip to promote, attract and retain commercial and industrial development by providing community data, site information, development assistance and financing information.
The Alsip Chamber of Commerce has over 40 years of service in creating and protecting a healthy business environment in the Alsip area. With over 300 members, the Chamber speaks with a strong and credible voice for business, industry and professionals. They maintain a healthy positive relationship with local government officials.
The Alsip Industrial Association works to keep Alsip a viable location for industrial entities. Its main focus is the industrial and manufacturing segments of the community, and it maintains a continual relationship with Alsip officials on behalf of Association members.
These business organizations, in conjunction with the Mayor and Village Board, recognize the importance of businesses to the Village of Alsip and the contribution they make to the real estate tax base and employment in Alsip.

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