Careful planning has given Alsip a solid sense of residential unity, combining traditional properties with newer developments to ensure ample space for all. Housing is abundant, from rental units to town homes and condos and many single-family residences, from modest to magnificent.

The quiet neighborhoods of tree-lined streets offer the best in family living. Carefully maintained homes, townhomes and condos abound, seamlessly blend with newer neighborhoods.
Alsip has recognized the needs of the growing aging population. Two senior citizen apartment complexes owned and operated by the Village of Alsip accommodate the special needs of these area residents. The 500 units provide independent living in a safe and pleasant environment at reasonable rates for seniors 55 and over.

Number of Businesses in Alsip 850*
Number of Employees: 25,000+
–White Collar: 57%
–Blue Collar: 43%
Special Feature – Daytime population 40,000
*Note: Number of businesses in Alsip has doubled in the last 20 years.

Alsip offers affordable housing to families of different income levels and space needs, including single family dwellings (both established and new) condominiums and townhomes and senior housing. Rental homes and apartment units are also available in adequate supply.
Total number of housing units 7,850
Occupancy Rate 96%
Average Price of Single Family Home $215,100**
Average Price of Condominiums $110,000**
Average Rent of Two Bedroom Apartments $805.00**
Average Price of Townhome $180,000**
Note: All figures quoted are for 2006.
Covering approximately nine square miles, the Village of Alsip is located at the Cicero Avenue/127th Street Exits of the Tri-State Tollway.
Population 19,725
Households 7,536
Median Age 34.2
Male 48%
Female 52%
Total number of families 5,008
Age Distribution
0-14 22.1%,   15-19 6.8%,   20-24 6.5%,    25-44 15.8%,   45-54 12.9%
55-59 4.2%,   60-64 3.8%,   65-74 5.8%,   75 & over 5.3%[/tab] [/tabs]

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